How Applied Logistics utilises Air Freight to keep power stations operating:

As a specialist domestic air freight forwarder, the team at Applied Logistics is regularly called upon by our clients to solve their urgent challenges.

Sometimes, these challenges are a deadline on the other side of the country, while other times it’s about having the insurance of knowing the product will arrive with plenty of time to spare.

Other times, our clients need to be quickly mobilised to get plant up and running with as little down time as possible.

Two of our clients work in the non-destructive testing (NDT) field. They use a variety of scanners to locate cracks or pin holes in pipes, so that repairs can be made. Quick identification of these failures is key to getting power stations back online; LNG plants back operating safely, and water reconnected to homes.

Our network allows us to place cargo on almost every passenger and freighter flight in Australia. Our limitations are size and weight. Widebody, freighter and Jetstar’s A320 aircraft have containers, which means we aren’t limited to what baggage handlers can safely handle – which is 50kgs.

Generally, we can get up to 50kgs per item on every flight, crates up to 1.50m high on widebody passenger aircraft and up to 2.0m high on freighter aircraft.

Jetstar flights can handle pallets up to 900kgs at 1.50 x 1.50 x 1.00m high. Virgin and Qantas’ passenger aircraft between the East Coast and Perth Crates up to 1.50m high can be accepted on and up to 2.0m high on freighter aircraft.

Sometimes it’s most convenient for our clients to collect their shipment from the nearest airport. On other occasions, it can be better to have this flown into another airport for transport to site. Sometimes, it’s imperative that we supply a hot shot delivery service to whisk your equipment to site in the early hours.

We monitor all flights and will provide updates in the event of delays. At any point in the journey, we can upgrade the service to bring things back ontrack.

Once, we provided charter boat and helicopter solutions to our client mobilising to an offshore facility.

Our customers rely on us to provide the best advice and options to ensure that mobilisation does not prolong down time. We communicate the different levels of service and provide guidance based on our customer’s required delivery time.

Time is money, but sometimes a slightly delayed service can rescue a budget.

Call us to discuss your logistical challenge, and how we can provide solutions that fit your budget.