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Australia & New Zealand Freight Logistics

Like sound at a concert, general freight is only noticed when it goes wrong. Partner with the best freight forwarder in the business.

Applied Logistics is a Kiwi owned group of companies. We have wholly owned companies in both New Zealand and Australia. We are here to help you navigate the minefield that is logistics. We thrive on a logistical challenge and we will be happy to present to you a range of potential solutions that will meet your needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Dunedin based, New Zealand team are focussed on helping your business compete in Australia. Does your freight forwarder have competitive access to the Australian Domestic freight system? Try us!

Benefits of Working With Us.

By working with you, asking questions and understanding your needs, we ensure that you receive the service that is right for you.

Our network of carriers is far superior to that of a single carrier. When you consign your freight directly with a carrier, they will move your freight in the manner that best suits their operational needs. The advantages of using Applied Logistics are:

    • Access to a large range of carriers
    • We place your freight with the carrier who is the best fit for your requirements
    • You have one point of contact for all of your consignments
We can offer you better rates than you can obtain directly from a carrier by:

  • Leveraging our volume and passing the benefits on to you
  • Having established relationships with a network of carriers, enabling us to negotiate better rates
  • Linking together multiple carriers, allowing us to utilise regional or niche carriers
  • Focussing on innovation and efficiency, allowing us to seek out the best option for you
Customer service is the cornerstone of Applied Logistics, we are here to help you navigate the logistics and transport industry. Along with great customer service we offer an over and above approach to freight logistics. We understand sometimes, you just need to have your freight delivered as quickly as possible and we can arrange this for you, whilst providing exceptional value for money. Due to our relationships, our customers benefit from our contacts on the ground with our carriers, our access to information and our ability to resolve issues faster. When necessary we can also get freight onto services that are over capacity. Freight delivered direct to you upon arrival and we have access to operational staff on the ground. We can provide:

  • Air freight charters
  • Helicopter hire
  • RORO Shipping Services
  • Ship broking
  • Barge/Launch Hire
  • Premium road freight
  • Two up teams
  • Relay drivers
  • Hot shots
Because we don’t operate our own fleet, we don’t have to worry about filling up trucks with freight. This means that we can be impartial when it comes to providing advice that you can rely on.

  • We will tell you when we think there might be a better way to achieve your goals
  • We will provide advice to help you prevent damage in transit
  • We will tell you when we feel that there is a significant risk of a critical consignment not meeting its targeted delivery time
  • We will work with you to mitigate risk
  • We will work with you to prepare contingency plans
  • We will link you with our trusted insurance broker who specialises in Marine Transit Insurance

Meeting Your Businesses Freight Requirements

Tailored Solutions

If every business sent identical widgets to the same exact locations every single day, life would be simple. But that’s not how freight works.

Applied Logistics will work with you to develop the most appropriate solution for every freight requirement you bring to us. From experience, we know that bottom dollar isn’t always the priority. You could be more concerned with urgency, volume, remote locations, preferred method of transport or any number of other variables. Whatever it is, we’ll find the best solution for you.

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Working For You

We Can Get The Best Deals For You!

Typically our customers’ consignment frequency doesn’t meet the carriers’ minimum requirements or they don’t have sufficient freight volume to unlock discounted rates. Applied Logistics does all the price negotiations on your behalf so you or your staff don’t have to spend your company’s valuable time doing it. In most cases, we’ve already worked hard behind the scenes to negotiate bulk rates so that you can take advantage of them.